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DroidUX Gallery Pack consists of the DroidUX GalleryFlow™ components collection. The GalleryFlow components are extension of the Gallery widgets with fixes, enhanced features, and other improvements to boost the performance and polish the behavior of the widgets. Using the GalleryFlow widgets, you can achieve a lot more interesting effects which are not readily available or a lot more difficult to achieve with the stock Gallery widget.

Some of the enhancements implemented in these widgets includes:

  • Reflection. By default the GalleryFlow widgets add a reflection effect to the views returned by the adapter's getView(int, View, ViewGroup) method. If you want to turn off the reflection effect, just set the dux_reflected attribute to false. You can customize the reflection by changing certain attributes, e.g. dux_floorGap to adjust the distance to the 'floor', dux_reflectionHeight to set the height of the reflection, etc.
  • 3D flow behaviors. Each GalleryFlow widget has its own particular flow behavior which you can customize to achieve certain effects, such as cover/album flow effect (using, zoom flow (, scale flow (, carousel flow (, wall effect (, etc.
  • View recycling/cache mechanism. The GalleryFlow widgets has a working implementation of the view recycling/caching mechanism, which means improved performance. As discussed here and here, the Android stock Gallery widget doesn't have a working view recycling/caching mechanism . It's either broken or not (yet) fully implemented (see Issue #3376). This will slow down the performance of the application using the Gallery widget, because that means the Adapter will have to create new View for every item in the data set, instead of reusing an unused view (like the ListView).
  • Supports com.droidux.widget.adapters.UrlImageAdapter. (New in version 1.5) When the adapter implements the com.droidux.widget.adapters.UrlImageAdapter, the web images will be downloaded using an internal downloader which has been optimized to efficiently manage the tasks/threads to download the images.

GalleryFlow widgets wrap their adapter views with a com.droidux.interfaces.WrapperViewInterface to add certain effects such as reflection, etc. Therefore, functions that return adapter views, such as getChildAt(int), getSelectedView(), etc, will return the com.droidux.interfaces.WrapperViewInterface instead of the original adapter views. To get the original view, you need to call the com.droidux.interfaces.WrapperViewInterface#getWrappedView() function.

Compatibility Notes:
The GalleryFlow widgets use a proprietary optimization mechanism which is not compatible with hardware acceleration (introduced in Honeycomb, API-11). Therefore, if you're using the GalleryFlow widgets, please make sure that the hardware acceleration is disabled at least on the <activity/> level, by setting the hardwareAccelerated attribute to false.

For more information on Android's hardware acceleration features, please follow this links: Contains classes needed for registration. Provide classes to create tweened animations. Contains classes and interfaces to provide caching. Contains interfaces that represents contracts to be implemented by various groups of widgets. The widget package (and subpackages) contains (mostly visual) UI elements to use on your Application screen.