Since: API Level 2.5

Contains interfaces that represents contracts to be implemented by various groups of widgets.


GalleryFlowInterfaces.GalleryFlowViewInterface Represents contracts to be implemented by the GalleryFlow widgets. 
GalleryFlowInterfaces.Wall.OnCellClickListener Represents a listener to be notified when a wall cell is clicked. 
GalleryFlowInterfaces.WrapperViewInterface Represents a View that wraps another view. 


GalleryFlowInterfaces Provides the contracts and objects related to GalleryFlow widgets. 
GalleryFlowInterfaces.Adapters Contains interfaces and objects that acts as a bridge between an AdapterView and the underlying data for that view. 
GalleryFlowInterfaces.Adapters.AdapterLooper AdapterLooper is a wrapper adapter to loop/cycle a SpinnerAdapter so that they appear to be an endless loop. 
GalleryFlowInterfaces.Adapters.WallAdapterLooper A special AdapterLooper to be used with GalleryFlowWall widget. 
GalleryFlowInterfaces.Wall Contains interfaces related to GalleryFlowWall widget.