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DroidUxGalleryLib A class to manage the registration of the component library. 


FloorBounceAnimation An animation that controls the distance from the floor. 


GalleryFlowCarousel A GalleryFlow widget that flows in a circular/radial path (like a carousel). 
GalleryFlowCover A GalleryFlow widget with a linear flow that you can use to create effect similar to the cover flow effect. 
GalleryFlowInterfaces Provides the contracts and objects related to GalleryFlow widgets. 
GalleryFlowInterfaces.Adapters Contains interfaces and objects that acts as a bridge between an AdapterView and the underlying data for that view. 
GalleryFlowInterfaces.Adapters.AdapterLooper AdapterLooper is a wrapper adapter to loop/cycle a SpinnerAdapter so that they appear to be an endless loop. 
GalleryFlowInterfaces.Adapters.WallAdapterLooper A special AdapterLooper to be used with GalleryFlowWall widget. 
GalleryFlowInterfaces.GalleryFlowViewInterface Represents contracts to be implemented by the GalleryFlow widgets. 
GalleryFlowInterfaces.Wall Contains interfaces related to GalleryFlowWall widget. 
GalleryFlowInterfaces.Wall.OnCellClickListener Represents a listener to be notified when a wall cell is clicked. 
GalleryFlowInterfaces.WrapperViewInterface Represents a View that wraps another view. 
GalleryFlowScale A GalleryFlow widget with a linear flow that you can use to create a scale effect. 
GalleryFlowTrain A GalleryFlow widget with a linear flow that you can use to create a train effect. 
GalleryFlowWall A GalleryFlow widget with a radial/circular flow that you can use to create a wall effect. 
GalleryFlowZoom A GalleryFlow widget with a linear flow where you can have a zoom effect. 
GalleryUrlImageAdapter Extended Adapter to be implemented when the underlying data need to download images from URLs. 
GalleryUrlImageAdapter.Request A Request object is used to add image url to the queue for download from the web. 
GalleryUrlImageCache A cache that holds the downloaded web images. 
GalleryUrlImageCache.Default Default implementation of the UrlImageCache.