Package Index

DroidUX Commons Pack consist of collection of components that are commonly used as basic building blocks to construct the user interface of an app, such as button, editor, progress, etc.

The Commons Pack components are extension of the standard Android widgets with improvements and enhancements that are designed not only to produce better visual design but also for better performance.

com.droidux.pack.commons Contains classes needed for registration.
com.droidux.pack.commons.interfaces Contains interfaces that represents contracts to be implemented by various groups of widgets.
com.droidux.pack.commons.widget The widget package (and subpackages) contains (mostly visual) UI elements to use on your Application screen.
com.droidux.pack.commons.widget.cache Contains classes and interfaces to provide caching.
com.droidux.pack.commons.widget.color The widget.color.* package contains collection of widgets to allow user to pick a color.
com.droidux.pack.commons.widget.editor The widget.editor.* package contains collection of widgets related to text processing.
com.droidux.pack.commons.widget.progress The widget.progress.* package contains collection of UI controls/widgets to indicate progress in some operation.
com.droidux.pack.commons.widget.tabs The widget.tabs.* package contains collection of tab widgets, similar to the Android TabWidget, but with more features such as scroll/fling gestures, etc.