Since: API Level 2.5


The widget.tabs.* package contains collection of tab widgets, similar to the Android TabWidget, but with more features such as scroll/fling gestures, etc.


ScrollableTabHost.OnTabChangeListener Interface definition for a callback to be invoked when tab changed  
ScrollableTabHost.TabContentFactory Makes the content of a tab when it is selected. 
ScrollableTabWidget.OnTabSelectionChangedListener Let TabHost know that the user clicked on a tab indicator. 


ScrollableTabActivity An activity that contains and runs multiple embedded activities or views. 
ScrollableTabHost This widget enhances the TabHost widget with scroll and fling gestures. 
ScrollableTabHost.TabSpec A tab has a tab indicator, content, and a tag that is used to keep track of it. 
ScrollableTabWidget This widget is an enhancement of the TabWidget that can contain more tabs than can fit on screen at once and scroll over them.