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DroidUX Layouts Pack consists of special view containers and layout components.

Compatibility Notes:
Some of the widgets in this package use a proprietary optimization mechanism which is not compatible with hardware acceleration (introduced in Honeycomb, API-11). If you're using the widgets that does not support hardware acceleration (see below), please make sure that the hardware acceleration is disabled at least on the <activity/> level, by setting the hardwareAccelerated attribute to false.

The following widgets in this package do not support hardware acceleration:

  • MaskedLayout
  • ReflectionLayout
  • RoundedCornerLayout

For more information on Android's hardware acceleration features, please follow this links:

com.droidux.pack.layouts Contains classes needed for registration.
com.droidux.pack.layouts.anim Provide classes to create tweened animations.
com.droidux.pack.layouts.drawable Contains classes to manage a variety of visual eleents that are intented for display only, such as bitmaps and gradients.
com.droidux.pack.layouts.interfaces Contains interfaces that represents contracts to be implemented by various groups of widgets.
com.droidux.pack.layouts.widget The widget.* package contains collection of various layout widgets.