Since: API Level 2.5


The widget package (and subpackages) contains (mostly visual) UI elements to use on your Application screen. If you are not familiar on how to use widgets in Android, we recommend that you first read the Android Developer's Guide.

DroidUX component library contains high-quality, high-performance, and easy to use widgets that makes developing high-quality and user-friendly Android application much simpler. The widgets that are included in this library are either enhanced version of the standard widgets that are part of the Android SDK, or new widgets with features that will improve your application usability and user-friendliness.


ActionDrawer.Callback Callback interface for action drawer. 
ActionDrawer.OnDrawerStateChangeListener Listener for receiving events when the action drawer state has changed. 
ActionDrawer.OnDrawingListener A listener to be notified when the drawer, content and arrow are being drawn. 
ActionPathMenu.AnimationFactory A factory class to provide various animation used by the ActionPathMenu widget. 

Interface definition for a callback to be invoked when the checked segmented button changed in this group. 


ActionDrawer A slide-out view, usually used to provide a menu of actions that allows users to switch between views of your app. 
ActionDrawer.Builder Use this class to build and customize the action drawer. 
ActionPathMenu An action menu that layouts its items along a circular or linear path. 
ActionPathMenu.CircularLayoutBuilder The helper class to build a circular path menu. 
ActionPathMenu.LinearLayoutBuilder The helper class to build a linear path menu. 
DropDownMenu An action widget that appears as a drop-down/pull-down menu
EnhancedColorAppBar An enhanced application/action bar with support to colorize the background drawable (see setTintColor(int)). 
MultiPageDashboard A dashboard widget that can host more actions than the StandardDashboard widget. 
QuickActionBar An action widget that presents a set of actions in a scrollable bar (see here for example). 
QuickActionGrid An action widget that presents a set of actions in a grid (see here for example). 
QuickActionList A custom view/widget that shows a list of action items. 
QuickPopover A custom view/widget that can be used to display arbitrary view. 
QuickTooltip A custom view/widget to show a tooltip. 
SegmentedButtonGroup This widget represents a set of segments/buttons which is used to create a multiple-exclusion scope. 

This set of layout parameters defaults the width and the height of the children to WRAP_CONTENT when they are not specified in the XML file. 

StandardAppBar A standard application/action bar that can be used to replace the default Android title bar, following guideline and design pattern explained here, here and here
StandardColorAppBar A simplified version of StandardAppBar that use a gradient of color as background. 
StandardDashboard A standard implementation of a dashboard widget. 


ActionDrawer.DrawerMode Determines whether the drawer will be overlaid by the activity's content (exclusive action bar) or the whole window (inclusive action bar)  
ActionDrawer.DrawerPosition Determines the position of the drawer.