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DroidUX Wheel Pack consists of spinners and/or pickers components that display the children in a wheel-like, cylindrical, circular structure.

Compatibility Notes:
Some of the widgets in this package use a proprietary optimization mechanism which is not compatible with hardware acceleration (introduced in Honeycomb, API-11). If you're using the widgets that does not support hardware acceleration (see below), please make sure that the hardware acceleration is disabled at least on the <activity/> level, by setting the hardwareAccelerated attribute to false.

The following widgets in this package do not support hardware acceleration:

  • WheelCarousel

For more information on Android's hardware acceleration features, please follow this links:

com.droidux.pack.wheel Contains classes needed for registration.
com.droidux.pack.wheel.interfaces Contains interfaces that represents contracts to be implemented by various groups of widgets.
com.droidux.pack.wheel.widget The widget.* package contains collection of wheel widgets.