Since: API Level 2.5


The widget.* package contains collection of enhanced ListView widgets.

Compatibility Notes:
The following List components use a proprietary optimization mechanism which is not compatible with hardware acceleration (introduced in Honeycomb, API-11):

  • RoundedCornerDuxListView
Therefore, if you're using these List widgets, please make sure that the hardware acceleration is disabled at least on the <activity/> level, by setting the hardwareAccelerated attribute to false.

For more information on Android's hardware acceleration features, please follow this links:


DuxAutoScrollListView.OnScrollChangedListener Listener to be called when the view's internal scroll has changed. 


DuxAutoScrollListView A DuxListView that support request to bring certain position to view. 
DuxListActivity A replacement of ListActivity when using the DuxListView instead of the ListView as the listview widget. 
DuxListView An extension of ListView with performance optimization and additional features. 
RoundedCornerDuxListView An extension of DuxListView with a rounded corner.